Traffic Signs

If it is time for you to get your driver's license, it's time to start studying. Though with adequate preparation, you should pass your exam with flying colors, failing to prepare can result in you having to retake the exam.

Important Signs to Know:

RAILROAD CROSSINGS: By law, every railroad crossing must have cautionary signs and signals. These signs come in a variety of designs: The most common is the white X-shaped sign with the words RAILROAD and CROSSING intersecting with each other. Also common is the yellow, circular sign with two intersecting lines sprawling from side to side. There is a capital R placed on both the right and left side of the sign. All commercial vehicles stop at railroad crossings, whether a train is approaching or not.

WORK ZONE SIGNS: Work zone signs are usually orange in color with four sides. They are often used in conjunction with lighted messages and traffic directors to channel traffic safely through work areas and to protect highway workers.